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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have counted 100 days and I will count 400 more

Well we have reached our first milestone... the five has changed to a four.... We know it doesn’t sound like much, but it is all we have got.....LOL

We have our trusty Princess countdown clock ticking away on our desktop and every minute, every hour and every day we watch her go down by one.

We have not wasted this time that is very slowly passing, much to Garry’s amusement I have been filling up a very large folder with information on all the ports we will be visiting.... Filling up our flash drive with more and more files, which Garry takes to work and prints off for me. We have so much information that I am sure I will have go through this process again closer to time so it will be up to date.

Our greatest reference point has been Cruise Critic just reading other peoples reviews and recommendations for each port makes me more and more confident that we can do a lot of our sightseeing privately.

Our Cruise Critic Roll call is starting to grow with people doing the whole trip, those who are only doing sectors and to my excitement those who are doing it for the second time... how cool is that!!!

We have started collecting money... well foreign money that is... we are trying to collect some small denominations from people that are travelling to different regions. We have India covered and I am in the process of getting some small American notes...

So now we will sit back and watch another 100 days tick by slowly but surely!!

NB ... My daughter Carly (18) just rolled her eyes when she saw me diligently watching for the last minute to click by so I could get the screen shot above LOL

I Will Count 500 days.......

Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think that we would be embarking on a World Cruise. Every time we read through the list of countries we will visit, we pinch ourselves to make sure this isn’t some fantastic dream.

Ooh, there is always the apprehension that we will only visit these cities for only one day, but there are 42 of them! Casablanca, Lisbon, Bergen, my god we had to look up where some of these places were as we never knew they existed, and guess what? we are going there.

Once we made our decision that 2011 was going to be our year,  there was the painstaking wait for the itinerary to be released. 

Whilst on our Sun Princess 2009 Xmas Cruise, we thought we would try our luck and cajole the Future Cruise Sales officer in giving us a sneak peek on what was to come...

Blake was quite insistent that there was no information available as yet. I turned and smiled at him and said “there must be something on there, it is going to be released soon! I know! I read it on CRUISE CRITIC!”

“Humour me.... just take a look” ... Keys were struck, screens changed, and then his little eyes lit up ... I knew we had it.. unable to print out a list we sat scrawling all the ports on a small piece of paper.

We thought we were so clever and had a real coup... well that was until the next day when Princess sent out a global email announcing the Official Release of the 2011 World Cruise. Oh well clever for a day...

After spending the last 10 days in the very front cabin on the Sun Princess we decided that if we are to be in an inside cabin for 104 days it was going to be midship!! So we booked and marked our spot, which will be known as our Broom Closet away from home....

Never had we booked a holiday so far in advance, so when we logged on our Cruise personalizer for the first time this is what we were faced with! 500 DAYS TO GO, we didn’t think that countdown clocks could go that high!!

Oh well, all we can do is sit back and count each day,