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Sunday, September 19, 2010

We are now the Front Line !!

Funny Heading for a post you might think.... but now that the 2010 World Cruise has come to an end it places us in the front line for the next World Cruise. This saying came from my mother not in the context of cruising but a generational thing. After the last person in the generation above her passed away she turned to us and said “Oh well, we are now the front line “. We all had a giggle about it and now use the term quite often when we know we are next up!!!

On the 3rd of September, the Dawn Princess sailed into Sydney after sailing around the world in 104 days. She had a few engine and power problems... and missed 2 Ports... which when you are visiting 42 ports doesn’t sound like much but if it is you on that boat you could not help but feel disappointed as you pay a lot of money to go that far and may not have the opportunity to do it again...

What I now miss the most is the blogging.... I sit in front of the computer and think: "Oh no, there is nothing to read !!"

Once again a big thank you to those bloggers and especially those who finished off their blogs with a summary of do’s and don’ts for us 2011er’s

Garry was especially taken with Phillips final words of wisdom he wants to print them off and hang them up in our cabin...

Here is a snippet of what he said:
“To finish, a few random observations and comments, which others thinking of a seriously long cruise may find helpful:

1. To be successful, it requires effort and commitment. If you are travelling with a partner or spouse, make sure you both have the same level of commitment. Compromise might work for a 7-day cruise, but not for over 3 months.

2. Do breakfasts in the dining room. The omelettes are to die for.

3. Avoid the laundry. It’s a hotbed of unfounded rumour and discontent!

4. Talk to the crew as equals and get to know them. They are lovely people, and over time you will hear some amazing stories.

5. Try to make friends with people who are different to your friends back home. This will enrich your experience.

6. Take some tours from the ship where they are the best option, but do you own thing sometimes too. Do your homework before you leave so you know what you want to see and do.

7. Chill. You’re on a cruise ship, and at sea. Shit will happen, as it would in the same period of time at home. And once you start moaning, it’s a downhill spiral…

8. And if you do need to complain about something, do it with a smile and you may well find you get a better result.”