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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bon Voyage World cruise 2010

I know I know I said I would not blog again till another 100 days had passed but I thought this was a milestone that needed mentioning.

On Friday 21st May our Dawn Princess set sail for World Cruise II, by the time it gets to World Cruise III they should have it down perfect.
Being the tragic that I am I couldn’t let the opportunity pass of going down and seeing our girl in port. Princess tried to put a little atmosphere into the event by decorating the wharf with balloons and a banner. They had balloons on the big Wharf 8 sign as you drove in, a banner celebrating the World Cruise 2010 and balloons on each of poles heading down to the baggage drop off area...

Inside the Terminal they had balloons up all along the check in counters... but you know what was missing .... Music... wouldn’t it have been great if there was something to get everyone in the party mood.... well especially us who wouldn’t get to be up on deck for sailaway...

Just as to be expected the demographics seemed to be of the older generation, this was especially noticeable with the queue of wheels chairs waiting for their embarkation photos to be taken. But I would have to say there was also a fair share of the baby boomers spending their kids inheritance....

Walking around with my little puppy dog face didn’t work and no one offered to take me along. I just loved watching and listening to the excitement of the passengers in awe of the ship and pointing out where they thought their cabin would be... Those with smiles from ear to ear and those a little snappy from the stress of getting on board... a stress that disappears once you hear that first ding as you step on the boat....

Whilst I was waiting for Garry to turn up I decided to walk around to other side of Darling Harbour to get some shots from there.... You can imagine my excitement when I got to around to the Maritime Museum and saw Ella’s Pink Lady bobbing up and down... I took a photo with the two ladies that have circumnavigated the world... I know which one I prefer!!

The weather wasn’t the best, though Sydney gave them everything from sunshine to thunder storm and back to sunshine again.

Oh well... my clock says 368 days ...some days will pass quickly others will drag I am sure... but I am sure that our excitement will be enough to get me through!!

1 comment:

  1. Some great photos of the ship at Darling Harbour!
    I'm loving your blog, which I just discovered - I like your writing style - lots of excitement about the countdown!
    Hope it all works out as well as you hope. (I'm hoping the same for me and my Mum!)
    Cheers - Kerry