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Friday, June 25, 2010

Princess to appoint New World Cruise Port Lecturer!!

Well with all the research that I have been doing that statement could be true.

With the current World Cruise 2010 well and truly underway there is a large contingent of my Cruise Critic family following their every nautical mile. We spend hours copying bridge cams, searching for port cams, hanging on to every word they write in their blogs.

We can no longer walk past an ABC Shop without calling in to see if there is another DVD on somewhere we are visiting...

It is funny the different reactions you get from people when you tell them that you are going on a world cruise.... Obviously when you mention it to a fellow CCer they turn green with envy, but when you mention it to others they sceptically look at you and say ...” Gee that is a long time on a boat “ . When you talk about all the cities that you visit they say “how many days do you spend there?” when you say just one.... they once again give you that look....

That is the cue for my spiel on all exotic and amazing places that we will visit ... some that you would never have imagined visiting if planning your own trip... the fact that we can pack as much as we like, unpack once and repack only when we arrive home.... oooh I go goosy just thinking about it.... a la carte food and entertainment each night for no extra cost!!! Gosh I want to go in 2012 too .......

Anyway we still 334 days out from our cruise... and we have already started that “hmm I should buy that, it would be good for the cruise!! “ Well guys, if you are down at Wharf 5 on Wednesday 25th May 2011..... those 2 people with the big grins on their faces and 20 bags ... WILL BE US!!


  1. Love your enthusiasm and dedication to the cause!

    We are also collating info from several of the fantastic and diverse current cruise blogs. All we can say is that we hope we get people like Diane and George on our tables, not Philip's MOBs...

  2. Phillips comments reminded me of our last cruise when we went to breakfast and this couple sat down at our table and said when seeing us " finally some young people "

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