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Sunday, November 28, 2010

200 days to go!!! ( actually 177 , I am running late )

So alot has happened in the last 100 days in the countdown to our world cruise....
We went on a cruise up the Qld Coast..... God I miss being on a boat!!

We have been slowly but surely met up with people who we will be sailing with... The first couple we met was Tina and Trevor from Bribie Island whilst on a trip to Brisbane in August. We were staying in Caloundra and they drove up and we had a lovely lunch together

Next we met Anne and John when they asked us to Canberra to visit Floriade. They graciously invited us to stay with them and as we kept the axe locked away in the boot of the car we had a fabulous time... Even John made us feel like we were back on the boat by cooking up a storm for breakfast !!

While on our Queensland cruise we met Colin and Judy who nearly only live around the corner to us and we will be meeting up with them again as we are invited to their house for dinner..

Ros and Arnold from the Gold Coast came into Brisbane during our Queensland cruise and met up with us down at Portside. In return we met them down at Wharf 5 after their New Zealand Cruise...

The plans to meet them changed so many times, the Sun Princess was having engine problems and with every from Ros, there were new arrival times....

As they were arriving later than originally planned we thought we would still go into the city early and capture some video of the sun princess arriving into Sydney ( we will pretend and use it in our world video next year LOl )..... we didn't time it very well and here we were racing down the M2 constantly checking my Cruise Cam app on the iphone to see how far down the harbour the boat was....

The plan was to go to the bottom of Blues Point Rd and watch her come under the bridge... well there we were speeding along the Gore Hill Freeway... just taken the North Sydney turn off and there the boat was just passing infront of us.... oh no we will never make it!!!

Drove up into North Sydney, turned left into Miller St and dodged all the lazy Sunday brunchers to get to the bottom of the hill.... Double parked as the car park was full, Garry off filming in one direction and me jumping up and down like a crazy woman hoping that Ros and Arnold can see me!! This was made all that more exciting as the Captain blew the horn just as they passed under the Harbour Bridge.
After a couple of hicups to find somewhere to park and have lunch, we ended up having a great time... Just making this cruise so much more exciting... as I said to Ros by the time we all get on this ship it will be more like a reunion...

We have also been busy researching our ports and organising private tours. Yes it is early but we wanted to ensure that we are able to secure the companies that come highly recommended by cruise critic as the time we will be sailing, it will be peak tourist season, especially through the Mediterranean. So far we have tours booked in Cochin, Mumbai, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Athens, Monaco, Naples, Rome and Florence... and hopefully we will have family that will look after us in the British Isles 

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