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Monday, November 15, 2010


Our last port of call was Brisbane... Hooray no tendering today !!!
We weren’t up as early as some others but we were up on deck about halfway up the river... No sooner we were at the Gateway Bridge where a welcoming committee had gathered, madly waving and cheering as we passed underneath. It was only just a little further along and were we pulled up next to Portside.

We had our very own tour guides (Ross and Lesley) and with a quick walk down to Brett St Wharf we were on our on the City Cat into town... We got off at Southbank were they very kindly put on a market very similar to our very own Rocks Markets. After a couple hours there and a little extra bling in my pockets, we left the others to return to portside where we had made arrangements to meet up Ros and Arnold who will be sailing with us on the world cruise!!!

We had a yummy lunch at Byblos Bar with a side of chatting and laughter about our world cruise... It is meetings like this that make this world cruise so much more exciting and at the rate that we are meeting fellow passengers the cruise will end up being a reunion more than anything else!!

As the afternoon soon rushed by it was time to head back onto our ship and our very last sail away before reaching home.

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