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Friday, July 29, 2011

We are Sailing... We are sailing

The ships activities consist of mainly guess Lecturers or requested get togethers... we have had  get togethers for every state in Australia, New Zealand, GLBT’s, Car enthusiasts, Grey Nomads, Men with their Toys (Now that has me puzzled ) and even a Men’s Shed.... The boys Warren and Dave have excelled themselves in catering to every request.... The only routine we seem to have is that we make it to trivia at 4.30pm, made even more special when our favourite Barbara is the Host.... we love her...
It seems the boys are visiting our blog every now and again and actually mentioned on the wake show that the first person with a photo of them wins a prize.... now we must of been up on deck capturing an early sail in so Ros beat me to it..... so I am going to try to win a prize for the most pictures of cruise staff..... LOL
1.     1.  Captain Todd McBain and us ... ( but who is dropping names
2.    2.   Angus and me....  Head Honcho at the Pursers...
3.     3.  Warren and Dave looking their best.... Warren is our cruise Director and Dave is Deputy Cruise Director
4.       4.Watchara and Neil ... look after so well at dinner time...
5.     5.  The Fabulous Rui.... Maitre D Extraordinaire
6.       6.Maurizio – the suavest Deputy Maitre D we have ever met..
7.     7.  The beautiful Barbara
8.      8. DJ Lee
9.       9.Ryan my man at the Pursers Desk
10.10.My 2 assistants when I am in the Captains Chair..
11. 11.  Daniel ... who told me I remind him of his mum...... hmmm  she must of been a child bride!!

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