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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food Glorious Food

 Did you know food is not as fattening when you at sea.... and it is even less fattening when it is a spoonful of what your husband has ordered LOL....So far we have eaten in the dining room for breakfast on each sea day and in the Horizon Court on port days that we have been up really early.

Garry has been finding it hard to pass up on the eggs, English bacon (this ensures you don’t get bacon chips), sausage and fried tomato. This morning he tried the ships version of weetbix, not as good as the real thing but at least it is some type of fibre....

The high light of each morning in the dining room is “Jam Boy”. He comes around and gives you a spoonful of what flavour jam you would like on your toast, but if you ask for vegemite, not only does he give you the vegemite but he sings you his abridge version of “Happy Little Vegemite”. We have added to his repertoire by teaching him the extra line “it puts a rose in every cheek”.

On one morning Ross thought he would confuse him by asking for peanut butter.... but you should always watch what you ask for cause you might get it.

We have had only 3 lunches on the ship so far..... One in the horizon court (embarkation day)..... One in the pizzeria, just yummy.... I always order vegetarian with ham and ask them to double the topping.... the last place is the BBQ up on deck... they have chicken burgers, ham burgers, hot dogs, pies and on sea days they have Donor Kebabs...

Dinner is in the main dining room every night ... we are six on a table of 8. Our head waiter is Lynton from India. He just lovely and looks after me so well by making sure I get extra prawns when they are available... Each night he treats us to a new magic trick, so now it has become something we really look forward to.

Tonight we decided that we would have a trick of our own for Lynton. We picked up from the Karunda Markets this small box that gives you surprise when you pull back the lid.. Unfortunately the joke was on us as Lynton knew how it worked. But we got our laughs when he took it to each of the other tables and played the joke on them. Christian our wine waiter thought it was so funny that he raced off with it and played the joke on all his fellow waiters... you knew where the toy was whenever you heard sudden bursts of laughter.
Every night Lynton asks me what I would like for desert, and each night it is the same answer “nothing thank you”. You can imagine my surprise when he walked up and placed a dinner plate in front of me with the word “Nothing” written in chocolate.... we all laughed and laughed and I was really disappointed that I had to leave it behind and could not take it back to our cabin.

Our other table mates apart from Ross & Lesley are Helen & Rob, a lovely couple from Victoria and one of those very well seasoned cruisers.. They play trivia twice a day and most times their team wins so they get the obligatory hats and cards as prizes......another highlight each evening is when they win we get pressies....we are the proud owners of their excess hats and cards

We have been more than happy with the variety and the quality of food we have had so far........ If we like this food any more we will run out of clothes, and won’t be because we can’t get into the laundry!!!


  1. Eggs bacon sausage and tomatoes - just add the mushrooms and a perfect breakfast! My usual daily brunch anyway...

    Great report and still laughing at the "nothing" dessert!

  2. You got to Kuranda? How did you get there, the Skyrail or the train?

  3. Wow looks like the trivia prizes have stepped up a notch!!! Hahaha. On the Sun Princess we won "vouchers" which had to be collected and then exchanged for prizes at the end of the cruise. No real problem cause between us, we only ever won enough for half a luggage tag,,, lol ...... Better luck next time... Cheers Ros