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Monday, October 25, 2010

Yorky’s Knob / Cairns

Well we learnt our lesson this was one tender port we weren’t going to get caught waiting around for. Up at 7am for a quick breaky in the horizon court, then down spot on 8am in the Vista Lounge to pick up our tender tickets. The plan worked and it was not long till we were called for our ride into town. Things were sped up a little this morning with the use of Becky the sniffer dog there to catch out the food smugglers. Everyone was too busy oohing and ahhing at the puppy to bother trying to sneak their contraband ashore..
From where the Tender docked you could purchase a $15 per person shuttle ticket that would get you in and out of Cairns.

Once in town we just did a walk down the main street and back around to the marina and along the boardwalk. We stopped and admired a Japanese couple obviously out here for the quickie package wedding.

A little further along we came across a helicopter and with some smooth talking by Garry, he managed to negotiate a discount price for 3 of us to do a 10min scenic flight around Cairns. This worked out well as Lesley told us that her feet were not going to leave terra firma.
There was a slight hiccup after we were weighed and told that the 3 of us were a total of 10 kilos over weight (damn that princess food), but after a quick chat with the pilot we were soon donning our life jackets, headsets and strapped to our seats ready for take off...

It was not long and we were up up and away. We did one big circuit of Cairns and from up in the sky we could see the ship anchored at Yorkys Knob, wouldn’t it be great if we could have done a fly by!!! This certainly turned out to be the highlight of the port.

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