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Sunday, October 24, 2010

That’s Entertainment

We would have to say that we are really impressed with the entertainment team. The Cruise Director Peter Tredgett along with his side kick Andre Schlemmer make for a very entertaining “BS in the Morning” (No..... that stands for Breakfast Show ). They are real pair of comedians and bounce off each other really well... Peter is English and Andre is from South Africa.... and he looks like a young chubby face Tom Hanks. There is always a joke or two and I will share a few of the best throughout the rest of this blog.

The Princess Shows are the same as we have seen before on our previous cruises ... but we still have enjoyed them. On the first few nights we had an entertainer named Liz Taylor who did impressions of some other famous singers.... some she does really well and others she tends to overact a little ...

One of the more entertaining nights was when we had a comic Juggler.... his juggling was great and his humour funnier especially when he chose Ross to get up onstage with him and had him laying on the ground with a face washer strategically placed to protect him as her juggled axes over the top of him..... We never laughed so hard, which unfortunately included Garry who was trying to film the whole thing ..... not even the camera stabilizer worked in this case.

The new addition since being on the boat is Muts (movies under the stars ). We have not had many nights that you would want to go and sit outside to watch a movie as we have had some windy and wet nights.. We did venture out one night and watch the movie “Date Movie”, not many others out there and it was hard not to nod off a couple of times (after 10pm) and we don’t know what happened to the popcorn as no one offered us any LOL.... For these night movies Muts is fine but we really don’t like it when you are sitting up on deck in the middle of the day and suddenly a movie starts playing... we find it a little loud and disruptive.....sometime they play silent features and others they play concerts..... but please Princess I think it is time to lay Barry Manillow to rest.

On sea days patters is choco block full of things to do... I have mentioned the martini making, fruit carving and today was bar wars.... And of course yours truly was up there to make sure that Ross, Lesley, Garry and myself were part of the teams... Bar wars is where they have a boy team, a girl team and 5 different cocktails... each team member makes one of the cocktails and then each gets compared and a winner chosen...... yeah the girls won!!

The boys entered the wild wacky pool games and came in a gallant second in a two team race.... They were so proud strutting around with their princess medals hanging around their necks....

Bingo twice a day, trivia three, four times a day the oldies love it.... and if they are not there they are buying art at the art auction.... I have never seen so much art sold.... gosh if the Art Director had a personality he could sell twice as much and make a motza in commissions.

Formal nights, champagne waterfalls, Island Night (renamed rain forest night as it had to be held in the vista because of the inclement weather outside) it is all to be had on the Dawn Princess.

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