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Saturday, October 16, 2010

We are on Board!

Here we are back onboard our princess ship..... Even though we have been once on the Dawn Princess and once on the sun princess and now back on the Dawn Princess , it like we have only ever been on the one ship.... these sister ships are identical ... only a couple of venues have different names . You could be blindfolded and taken onto anyone of these two boats and you would be hard pressed to guess which one you are on.

Even though they both look the same, the atmosphere on each cruise feels just that little bit different... I guess the entertainment staff have a lot to do with that...

Our first new experience was leaving from Wharf 5 ... Wharf 8 is gone...... and you leave from a great big white air-conditioned tent...... well I would have to say that it has a much more open feel about it on the inside but what is missing are the lovely big windows so you can sit and stare at the boat.

Once we stepped on board it felt very natural, like coming home.... lots of smiling faces welcoming us on board.

Straight to the cabin to drop off the carry on..... that wine can be heavy..... then up to the buffet for a quick lunch.

Obviously there was the obligatory muster where they said they were going to scan every cruise card....but they gave up after the first row as I think it was too big a job

Sydney put on a lovely afternoon for our sailaway... there was a little music a little dancing and a lot of cocktails. Let the fun begin!!

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