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Friday, May 27, 2011

FW: World Cruise 2011 Sailaway - 25th May 2011

wow I made it online finally!!

The day has finally arrived, of course with all the excitement we were awake at 3am, the first time....  after a bit of on and off dosing it was finally a decent hour to get up....
The final packing was done, the whole time I am shaking my head thinking “god I hope these bags don’t split...”
Luckily our Melanie and Dave had the day off. We were able to bribe them into driving our luggage down to the wharf. This gave us more room in the Limo that we had organised to pick us up. 
Now this is how to travel to join a world cruise .... in the back of stretch limo drinking champagne and acting like little kids in a lolly shop...
Sydney decided to put on a dark miserable day for us so once we arrived at the wharf it was a scramble to get the luggage undercover so it wouldn’t get too wet..
Princess put on a Jazz band just out front of the big white tent were Garry, myself, Ray and Paula decided that we should have the first dance of the cruise.....
For those who were priority or embarkation no 1 – 4 boarding was quick ..... thanks to the prevailing winds ( I was actually hoping we would get on the ship before the tent blew away ) immigrations wifi was becoming more and more flaky, hence the processing was becoming slower and slower....  but  no 5 was finally called and we made it on the boat..
Due to the weather and the excessive amount of luggage that had to be scanned on this particular cruise, sail away ended up a couple of hours later.  Thanks to the weather there was no Champagne sail away party.... so it was a quiet drink for us all in Wheelhouse bar...  the sad bit was that Princess had also organised a High School Orchestra to entertain us up on deck which ended up being poorly attended as it was just too wet and windy.
They had also decided to make it open dining for dinner which suited everyone well,  as luggage wasn’t turning up till late and there were certainly alot of tired travellers wandering around ... We also had our first taste of Rough seas as we sailed out of the heads.... even Captain McBain annouced it was time to take the Ginger tablets LOL...
One of the highlights of our day was going back to cabin and finding Pressies.... we got a world cruise Lanyard, a really nice world cruise backpack complete with cooler bag on the bottom and a couple of WC11 fridge magnets.
Woo Hoo ... we are off!!
Garry’s world cruise Bread Roll Count so far – 4


  1. Well, at least your rain on departure was warm - for our departure from Southampton in January, it was pitch black, raining and 1C :)

    What a great adventure lies ahead of you!!

  2. Great to hear from you..keep those stories coming !!