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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh what a night!

What a great night was had by all at our little pre cruise dinner. 20 cruise critic diehards gathered at the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel and it was great start to making this cruise really enjoyable... There were lots of laughs especially when we supplied Ray with most items off a shopping list he sent me on April Fools Day... that should give you a hint to the content...
You can tell a lot about a person by looking in their shopping trolley, and we sure learned a lot about Ray from his list.

He is obviously keen to explore the world and improve his knowledge of other cultures

• solar powered night vision goggles,
• Hieroglyphics interpreters handbook,
• Green & Gold Union jack.

Ray is also hoping for some rest and rejuvenation
• Instant Auburn hair restorer – A wig
• heavy duty wrinkle remover – An Iron, again for instant results.

His need for self improvement will be met
• gluten free socks - a healthy alternative when he opens his mouth to change feet.
• Magnifying Glass – with his poor eyesight we don’t want his face being slapped too many times when he tries to read the ladies name tags…
• Mushy green pea soap – hmm must be an english thing
• Old fart liquidator – Which we tested on him to see if it works…

His new hobbies will include
• construction of a perfect scale model of the Taj Mahal
• to operate the technical alcohol transference mechanism – funnel and tube

A long cruise confined in a small cabin can be testing on marriages and obviously, Ray is keen to improve his relationship with Paula
• jelly bean flavoured massage oil
• Blue fluffy handcuffs.
• solar powered night vision goggles, will come in handy again

To make sure your efforts are successful, we have included five months supply of little blue pills to help you along - enjoy - watch out Paula

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    I have been trying to post the webcam pic of you underway, hope it got onto the cc page, having trouble here, you sure look good sailingaway with the lights of Sydney to wave farewell !! Hoo Roo from Aus for a while ! Cheers, Kris