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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sea Day 4

Today we rounded the top end..... past Albany rock, past cape york , past two Tuesdays, Wednesday and  Thursday island  and now on our way to Darwin... We passed lots of Light houses all dotted along the Coast.
Just out of Thursday Island, a speed boat came out to meet us.... the Pilot announced that the electrician had come out to wave to the parents that were on the ship.... What a buzz that would have been for both family’s
There was another rendezvous between a Cargo Ship and ourselves as the pilots on both ships often pass each other.... so there was the mandatory greeting with the blasting of 3 horns each....we passed so close you felt you could just reach out and touch it.
We both absolutely loved this part of the trip as it was just so exciting sailing so close to the coastline.... You are lucky to even see another island on the Pacific cruises we have been on.
Zumba is still popular with 300 people attending in the Vista Lounge...  Some want to do water Zumba but it would have to be done in shifts as there is no way everyone will fit in the pool..... the only Zumba move that you could achieve would be that of keeping your head above water without having someone elbow you in the eyeball...... not sure who’s brilliant idea that was!!
For lunch today they had a BBQ up on deck.......the prawns were yummo, there was chicken, sausages, pork, lamb etc..... we hope that will be a Sunday special from now on....
We have started receiving the Australia Today Newsletter , which is keeping us up with current events...  I hope that they only let us know the good stuff.... like the Parramatta and Swans winning....
I decided to also add a picture of friend the Bridge Cam!!
Garry’s world cruise Bread Roll Count so far – 17

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  1. Hi you two all sounding good. Sydney beat north melb by one point. Geelong still undefeated beating Gold Coast by 66 points. Weather is so cold. Brian has finished balcony it looks great and is busily finally putting some decking were the clothes line is yeah..Looking forward to hearing about those deadly crocs...

    Carry and Brian.