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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sea Day 2

Things are starting to settle as we are all winding down... we are all becoming more and more relaxed about the things that we are doing...  The Patters have been action packed to the point where you have to choose the things that you prefer to do....
Zumba was on the menu today, and I have it on good authority that it was a great success... the vista was packed... We attended the Port Talk on Darwin in the Princess Theatre.  Our Port Lecturer is Deborah Shields and I would have to say I was impressed ... she seems very knowledgeable and very helpful for both Princess and independent visitors.... she can tell you which bus takes you where and how much you can expect to pay by all means of transport.
The skies are getting bluer and seas are becoming calmer as we sail up the coast. Tomorrow we will be  cruising the Cassowary Coast .... so hopefully there will be things to see and photograph up on deck.
We have a little corner in the Vista that we commandeered for afternoon trivia ..... we have been averaging 3 teams of Crazy Cruisers .... but not even numbers is bring us any luck.
I decided to do the promenade shuffle this morning ... only to be put to shame by the hundreds of others walkers that were overtaking me at alarming rates......  I was puffing while the others would pick up pace to run past me so they would not get stuck behind me at any point.... I did pass one person  but I nearly tripped over her walker!!
Tonight was Formal Night along the with Captains welcome party and champagne waterfall..... it is getting to the stage now that when you have seen one you have seen them all ... We noticed that princess had put up more portrait stations making it difficult to navigate your way around the Atrium.  During dinner we had the first of many birthdays on this trip.... “Happy Birthday Judy”
There was also a new production Show called “Rock this Town” which was good as we didn’t think we could sit through another Shimmy or Save the Last Dance...
Garry’s world cruise Bread Roll Count so far – 8 ( ooh we are slowing down )

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jo and Gary, Your fabulous sister here Carry. I am so envious. The weather here is cold wet and tres miserabla!! As expected you are already having the best time. I also expect you to take out at least one trivia while away. We did on the Pacific Island Cruise (subject Films) and finally won the coveted P.O. stubby holder. We miss you and wish we were with you.
    Getting closer to those crocodiles.. watch those fingers
    Love Carry and Brian.