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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Darwin - 31st May 2011

The Cage of Death – an expensive swim sums it all up.

The highlight of our Darwin trip was going to be swimming with the crocs at Crocosaurus Cove. This ended up being the most disappointing thing so far on the trip... Now we understand that they can not guarantee that the crocs will do anything (which they didn’t), want  made us cranky was after their poor performance for us which resulted in the next couple cancelling, for the next 2 people they went and got some food to get the crocs going again......  Not bad after we were given the big lecture about how they don’t do anything to rev them up......  So basically we paid $200 to swim in their pool.....  did I mention that 1 photo costs $42 and 2 photos over $80...

They put you in Perspex cage, lower you in 3 different tanks and hopefully you get that up close experience.  In 2 of the tanks the crocs weren’t even in the water lol.....  Anyway that is my whinge for the cruise and all I can say it is not worth the risk, put your money to  better use and go and see the Jumping crocs in Adelaide River....... It has had great reviews so far....

But the day was not a total lost.... We hired a car with Randy and Carole and spent a lovely morning at the Botanical Gardens  then visiting the Military Museum at East Point... they  have done a really good job out there.....we drove down to the marina and then back into the city for a walk around lunch a bit of  shopping.

Interesting enough when we all headed back onto the ship we were challenged about our wine that we were taking back on.  According to the little man at the table Princess  had just changed the Policy and you are no longer allowed to take any sort of alcohol back onto the ship.  This time was a warning but no more....  later an announcement was made that all confiscated wine and beer would be returned to their owners but in future we will be informed with that we can do and can’t do before we arrive in port !!  watch this spot.....

Another highlight of the day was the Crazy Cruisers sailaway party up on the secret deck 11.  There was a great turnout and lots of laughs as we farewelled Darwin in style..

Garry’s world cruise Bread Roll Count so far – 23


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