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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sea Day 9 - Are we there yet!!

The seas are starting to look a little busier as we are approaching Singapore..... Lady luck hasn’t been on our side for this cruise. We have had a rained out sailaway from Sydney and now as we sail across the equator our ceremony has been cancelled by the monsoonal conditions.... a day that the majority of passengers have mainly spent inside..... the poor patisserie staff were a bit frazzled.

Ross.... we all got our crossing the equator certificates today.... I will photocopy it and change the name for you !!

Usual stuff, Pensioner Zumba, Ballroom Dancing, Trivia ( gosh that can get vicious ) and a game of cards with Col and Judy.

Well today was D day and we were all waiting with baded breathe to see what was going to happen with our cruise.....

Here is the low down:

More people boarding in Singapore... assessment team say it will be another 2 weeks to diagnose problem. So we are on a go slow

Cancelled ports:

Abu Dhabi



New Ports:



If anyone has any info on these ports please email me J

Altered times:

Singapore – leave an hour earlier

KL – Leaving 2 hours earlier

Langkawi -  leaving at 2pm

Cochin – arriving 2 hours later

Mumbai – leaving 8.30 pm

Dubai – now arriving 16th  Leaving

Istanbul – arriving 1 hour later

Monte Carlo – leaving earlier

Barcelona – extra 2 hour stay

Captain McBain also said that we will pull into  Port said after our transit through the suez giving us an overnighter in town....

Gosh I think that is all...but I am doing this from memory paper work still to be delivered to the room...

Compensation – those getting off in Dubai $100 each.... rest $200 each  .... to be revised if anything  changes after Dover ....

Garry’s world cruise Bread Roll Count so far - 38

Joanne’s  Lobster count – 2

1 comment:

  1. Joanne. Gibraltar is duty free and the LLadro is lovely and inexpensive, if you like that sort of thing. Get a taxi and go up the hill to see the monkeys which roam free. They are really cute. Also a must to see are the tunnels and the underground amphitheatre. Sorry you are having so many changes - I think we only had one port where we did not get the full allocated time because of engine riblems. I am enjoying your blog and the others as well. Brings back heaps of memories. Who is taking the choir? Cheers Maree