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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sea Day 7

Well by the looks of it our days at sea will be increasing.... what is it with World cruises and engines....As we make our way to Singapore we have been told that there will be itinerary changes and compensations.... not what we really want to hear.... Our speculations are that we will arrive in Singers, but when we will depart will be another question.... We thinks we will miss KL and maybe langkawi to ensure we arrive in Cochin so the 200 strong group of passengers will still get to enjoy the taj mahal.....lets hope we are not being too optimistic...

Though Rumours are rife....  from spending 5 days in Singapore to them having to cut a hole in the side of the boat to replace the generator!!

Today we had our first organised lunch with the Crazy Cruisers... we are really getting a reputation as I have heard a few references to us on the wake show each morning... We had a whole section of the dining room reserved for us.  There was  a couple more bloody legend awards given out..... one to Roger for his great Nautical Orientation  whilst on board ( he can’t quite get aft and forward,  and Arnold for his animal magnetism amongst the ladies on board, he is now  officially the Princess Casanova Extraordinaire.

A note to Sheree.....the boys are mine now ( see pic above)

We still are having our port lectures even though this might be the closest we might get to these destinations.

Tonight was the second of our formal nights and the first of our lobster tails, which marks the start of my lobster tail count.

Not sure if I mentioned the other day ... we were up on deck to watch another wonderful sunset.... when I got all excited that I thought I saw a whale bobbing in and out of the water..... as we were nearing the Timor coast we decided that we must of spotted a boat load headed for xmas island..... well it made good conversation at dinner but it probably was just a stray fishing boat!!   ( next morning on the wake show they said that it was only a fishing boat and if it was refugee’s we would have to stop and pick them up, under the boat in distress clause )

Garry’s world cruise Bread Roll Count so far – 31

Joanne’s  Lobster count - 2


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  1. Great to see wonderful people onboard....Keep up the blog.... Sheree