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Friday, June 24, 2011

On our way to Aqaba ( pronounced akaba)

The photos above are just representative of life on board.....  There are some just hanging around the boat.... there are some from our lunch, oh and I just had to add the picture of my plate on the night that our  Maurizio, Watchara and Neil served us another massive antipasto platter before we even started dinner...

The port lectures are coming thick and fast and they are already up to Istanbul.... we have not gone to the last few as the freezing conditions in the princess theatre and the constant coughing have us on tender hooks especially as our throats are starting to become raspy.  We have decided that we will watch it on TV instead. I have actually snuck up on deck this morning to have a hot cup of tea to lubricate the throat while Garry is still snoozing... according to my watch he should be having a shower right now....

Yesterday we had another Cruise Critic Lunch in the Venetian Dining Room.  Anne the Meet and Greet Goddess  had us all meet 15 minutes earlier so we could take a group photo on the stars...  It is really funny as soon as people start to see a group forming they all get worried that they are going to miss out on something LOL....

The lunch went well and Anne always seems to get a VIP to call in.. and today we had Angus (head Purser) .   As per usual we had our legend awards....

Today’s award wents to:

Paul – Ladies Toilet Lurker Award:  He has trouble deciphering the toilet gender symbols and ended up using the ladies facilities.... not so bad except we were in a predominately Islamic Country... we also gave him a print out of both symbols with men and women on the bottom so he could refer to it each time he needed to go.

Marion – Auction Bidder Extraordinaire: Whilst madly waving to get her husband’s attention at the Horse racing Auction, Warren mistook this as a bid for $250 ............luckily he had a cheeky smile on his face when he did this.

Colin – Omani tour Guide Interpreter:  for his gallant efforts in translating our tour guides announcements and repeating them over the buses PA 

John and Jen – Boat Builders Extraordinaire: For their wonderful efforts in the boat building contest and snapping up 1st prize... see blog above....  Rumour has it that he is already planning the next project for the contest..... it is all top secret but let me say that the word “submarine” was used....

Have I mentioned I love being on this ship..... The only down side is that we miss our family back home and when we can get viber to work we have been able to catch up with girls, which is great.

The one good thing about cruise critic is that it has given us an extended family on board....  I just love that you can sit in one spot and you know it won’t be long before you see a familiar face... They’ll sit down have a chat, move on and then the next person comes along and you do the same thing again....  I love that our faces light up when we see each other across a room ......  and if you ever need anything there is always someone there to give you a hand....

Garry’s world cruise Bread Roll Count so far - 89

Joanne’s  Lobster count – 5



  1. Sounds awesome, and I see the quilt has made it out of the cabin !!

  2. Assume you'll be going to Petra?

    But, if time permits, recommend a cruise in the glass-bottomed boat in Aqaba ... and see if you can spot the Army tank in the reef!