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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dubai by Night....

First we were arriving in Dubai at 2pm then they tell us it will be 10 pm.... time revised to 8pm and finally pulled in at 7.30 pm....
The decks were full as we pulled into Dubai’s harbour....  As we approached the city seemed shrouded in a haze which we were told was sand.  Most of the famous structures were only just visible.... though you couldn’t mistake the Burj Khalifa.

We could see the QE2 sitting proudly by the dock and we were fully expecting to pull up behind her.... but lo and behold we were suddenly up against the wharf at the new Terminal.

After getting the low down on what we should wear and what we could or could not do.... 14 of us gathered in the atrium to make a quick getaway into town. 

After  dividing ourselves into several taxi’s and ensuring that they dropped us all off at the same place, we were off, literally.  We are sure that these drivers were formula one wannabe’s and we all sped into the city. In different directions and dropped off in different places.  The plan was to hit Dubai Mall and then watch the dancing waters.

Giving up finding each other we walked through the Dubai mall to the Dubai Fountain.  The fountain dances daily from 6pm – 10pm on the half hour.  It is the largest of its kind and it was created by the same company  that created the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Taking advantage of the fact that, although we were lost, we all had the same plan. This meant that we should have all been in the same vicinity at the same time. Colin decided to take a walk and managed to find us....  We all then went to a cafe for some refreshments before making our way back.  The Dubai Mall is the biggest in the world... and we only managed a very small part during our short visit tonight.  Inside the mall there is an aquarium that runs from the floor to ceiling and also the largest candy store Candylicious.. and not to mention the ice rink and modern gold souk.

When the Emirate do anything they do it well  or should I say big... and opulent... Dubai is my type of city as everything seems to be embellished with gold... The attention to detail is fantastic in not just the buildings,  but also the way they are decorated.

The city-scape is beautiful down the roads and everything is immaculate.... The palm trees are covered in pixie lights. There are waterfalls and fountains everywhere, and if not there is a mosque.

This was a great taster for our big day in Dubai tomorrow.

Garry’s world cruise Bread Roll Count so far - 69

Joanne’s  Lobster count – 5




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